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BMSeCON 2023 - 4th International e-Conference

“Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Excellence in Basic Medical Sciences”

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Early Bird Registrations
(From 10th September to 30th November )



PG, PhD and Faculty


Foreign Delegates


Note: for TNMC credit hours – Rs 250 only

Late Registrations
(30th November to 6th December)



PG, PhD and Faculty


Foreign Delegates


Note: for TNMC credit hours – Rs 250 only

About the conference

It is our pleasure to host the 4th International e-conference on the theme “Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Excellence in Basic Medical Sciences” that will be conducted from 13th- 15th December 2023.

Basic medical Sciences form the strong foundation for the medicine and surgery and its allied specialties to build up. With the implementation of new CBME curriculum, research has gained more and more importance in undergraduate & PG curriculum. Diagnostic modalities in lab testing related to clinical biochemistry, immunology and molecular biology have advanced in leaps in last few years. Information on such recent advancements in diagnostics helps the medical fraternity to render better patient care services.

Basic research in molecular biology, immunology and cell biology provides an infinite amount of data and knowledge. Applied research uses that information to understand the pathophysiology of diseases and apply this knowledge for the betterment of patients. Research demands critical thinking, logical reasoning and creative application by exploring newer approaches, techniques and methods. Our Conference is planned to cover all these aspects.

This conference can serve as a wonderful platform for educationists, diagnostic consultants and researchers to share their experiences and findings which would be of great help for many other participants to gather,improvise and put into practice the novel and innovative ideas.

A Trip down the Memory Lane...

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