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BMS International e-Conference - Expert Mechanisms

The Gen Next Professionals should be aware of the latest research advances and be assertive in their practices which should be evidence-based for efficient and effective patient care.

Who can attend BMSeCON

Medical faculty, postgraduates, and PhD scholars can attend this conference on “Role of Basic Medical Sciences in Academia, Diagnosis and Research Advancement”.


How can I Register

Attendees will be able to register through the online platform (Website/ Registration link)


Will I Have chance to ask Questions

Yes, you can ask questions after each presentation in the chatbox. The questions will be discussed after that particular scientific talk.


What if I can't attend a particular session

All sessions will be available on Youtube to view at your convenience.


How do I present a poster in a virtual conference

Your e-poster (Single slide) will be shared in the conference website on all three days of the conference

Is final paper submission required

Final paper submission is not required.

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